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About Us

  • Dashu District Public Health Center,Kaohsiung City 

    According to legend, there was an old banyan tree near the Gaoping River over two centuries ago. An opera troupe passed the tree and it took the entire company to encircle the tree trunk hand in hand. Afterwards, the area was called “Tashujiao (under the tree)”. During the Era of Tongjhi, the Gaoping River flooded and the rapid currents washed the tree away. Although the tree was gone, the name “Tashuhs” remains. Thats, how the town got its name.

    Our center established on 1968, the old office was built with local district administration building and shared as a part of local district administration center in the middle zone of Tashuhs county. In order to strengthen the medical healthcare facilities and provide medical services to people in all regions, Tashuhs District Public Health Center built a new office in the southern zone of Tashuhs county , subsidized by higher authorities, funds , launched formally in Dec 2002.From then on, the two way medical  service between two office is characteristic in our health center. 

    No.120, Jhongsing N.Rd., Dashu Dist., Kaohsiung City 840, Taiwan (R.O.C.)